Recognizing & Rooting Out Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Tackling unconscious bias in the workplace can be difficult because it can be neither visible nor deliberate. Managers and employees might not realize they are making unfair assumptions or developing stereotypes based on the personal biases they bring to the workplace. Unconscious bias happens outside of our control. It occurs automatically and is triggered by our brain making quick judgments.


I-9 Compliance and Audits: Strengthening Your Immigration Compliance Strategies

Join Diane Dee 7/23/19 @ 12pm CDT for her training on I-9 Compliance and Audits: Strengthening Your Immigration Compliance Strategies.


Effectively Handling Behavioral Issues, Conflict & Incivility in the Workplace

Behavioral issues in the workplace are inevitable.  Whenever you have diverse groups of people working together, issues will arise.  Each employee brings to the workplace a unique set of attitudes, ideals and beliefs that may differ from that of their coworkers.  In addition to behavioral issues, the issue of workplace incivility and the negative impact it has on your organization’s culture is monumental.  Unresolved behavioral issues often result in loss of revenue, lessening of productivity, the stifling of creativity, and the creation of barriers to cooperation and collaboration.